A magazine sent directly to the personal address of the Cardinals

Genesis of the project

Cardinals do not know each other and are often misinformed by the media, which is not or only slightly aware of ecclesial subtleties.

This is why the princes of the Church need to be well informed by a newspaper that is faithful to the Magister and that will allow them to know each other in order to make the right decisions during important moments in the life of the Church. Indeed, “the Cardinals also assist the Roman Pontiff (…) by the various offices which they fulfill, giving their support to the Roman Pontiff especially in the daily care of the whole Church.” (Can. 349).

This is the role of the magazine Cardinalis, which is translated into English, Italian, French and Spanish so that every cardinal can read it without difficulty. It is then sent directly to the personal addresses of all the Cardinals.

Why give ?

Today the Church is in crisis. The faithful are often lost. Some bishops sometimes directly question the Magister of the Church. The recent abrogation of the motu proprio of Benedict XVI Summorum Pontificum has also given rise to many misunderstandings among a large part of the faithful. 

Cardinalis proposes to decipher this news in depth by bringing together the best vaticanists in the world in order to offer the cardinals clear and quality information. Indeed, it is the Cardinals who are the main advisors of the Pope during his pontificate and who elect his successor. It is therefore vital that they have access to quality information.

Did you like our magazine? Would you like it to be a regular source of information for cardinals around the world ? Help us to make it happen and send it to all the cardinals of the world.

In concrete terms, your support will help finance:

  • The editorial staff, composed of the best Vatican experts of the moment
  • The layout
  • The translation
  • The secretariat of the multilingual editorial staff
  • Printing
  • Sending it to cardinals all over the world and distributing it to the people of God

We will also send you, if you wish, the magazine by email as soon as it is released so that you will be informed at the same time as the princes of the Church.

The promoters of the project

Who are we?

We are a team of vaticanists who want to contribute to the life of the Church. Coming from different countries and of various tendencies, we wish to give the Cardinals an honest and rigorous insight into the current state of the Church.